Don't know if paranoia

I don’t know if I falling into paranoia again or if I’m overthinking.
So was watching a few drawing tutorials on YouTube. Every time I listen to the videos the background music scares me. It sounds, all distorted and evil. Like someone’s going to get me.

Could be any number of things. Relax. Take stock and maybe avoid for a bit.

Stress seems to be the number one trigger for most folks. Are you stressing over anything? That is where I’d start. I can seem a reasonable human being most times but add some stress and some anxiety and paranoia moves in…and paranoia can be so insidious.

Do something that relaxes you would be my advice. Avoid the trigger for a time…

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Yes, my sister I law is in a bad episode with her bipolar and we don’t know how to help her. My in laws have told us she’s does this to everyone. I just don’t want her to hate us for not knowing what to do

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Yeah sounds complicated for sure and read some of your previous posts. It’s a hard thing to manage but still. Sometimes the tough love is the way to go. You can still be nice and supportive but lay down some ground rules for you and yours and move from there…

It’s not easy. If she’s using then all bets are off but till you know that for sure you’ve got to be kind. I agree with that and I think you’ve been more than kind. Still. You don’t allow others to take advantage of you and sometimes some kindness to others in you family is good.

So. Hedge your bets. Don’t get too involved that it’ll bite you on the ass…

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I also find innocent and neutral things triggering sometimes. I can’t explain it


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