Don't know about my hair

…did I do the right thing to cut it short? Maybe I made it too short, it is between buzz and pixie, a very short pixie. Felt liberated doing it but I’ve felt ashamed to show it to hubby as I know he doesn’t like short hair on me. I wear it under caps every day, so that hubby doesn’t have to see it. It feels good physically to have done it and emotionally but I feel like I was selfish. Liberated feminist independent wannabe - and on other hand a wife with a tradition loving husband.

It’s such a pull on both sides!

I like to think of my head with short hair like being a blank canvas. To put something on it, caps and scarves of all colours. But I’d like to bare it at home sometimes but hubby…I feel so bad for him. Guilty.

Should I ?

It’s ok to let him see your hair. He might get used to it after a while.

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@ZmaGal my husband now told me he has a phobia for my short hair, says I’d remind him of GI Jane . Says even a cap won’t help. That it’s not forbidden in our faith, but he personally doesn’t like it. Sigh… Says why can’t I have a little patience for him… Oh god it’s so frustrating!

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That is frustrating. Did you ask him what he’s afraid of happening? Usually when you have a phobia you’re scared of death or harm or something. What is he afraid of? That might help the two of you work it out if that’s what you want

Well your response can be that it will grow back! It won’t be like that forever.

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