Don't judge yourself and don't judge others

And if you do judge others then don’t judge yourself because you did.

I think it’s ok to judge but keep an open mind and don’t jump to conclusions on people.


I think nothing ever does the final trick to be cured, we could combine our powers and give it a try tho. :slight_smile:
Edit: and yes, I agree that open mind is a good idea if you judge.

If there were a cure I wouldn’t have to take three pills every day and therapy all the time! But there is good treatments I’ve found!

I have a small spot in my brain that causes all the trouble. It is not an ally with me, damn weird thing. You?

I’m in a pretty good place right now. My bad days consist of one main factor…lack of sleep the night before. It’s important to me.

I have been not getting sleep myself sometimes too. I kind of think, think, think and can’t stop doing so. Reducing feeling in my brain also makes me not being able to feel good. And then I come up with new mottos that help me for a day or few, but loses it’s strength after that again. Sigh!

I’d imagine openmindness is not having a disagreement with things that are otherwise to your pre-composed beliefs or ideas, nor is it of tolerance.
But open to multiple ideas of things and never just one line of thought.

It’s not about agree or disagreeing, just open to it all, like a yes to everything you experience in your own reality and life.

Don’t judge at all unless you’ve been granted superpowers to relive their entire life