Don't have to pay

My in-laws bearded dragon is sick. He threw up and black bearded. I think it’s because he is impacted and he doesn’t have a UVB bulb and the inlaws aren’t letting me give him calcium dust.

Reptiles and amphibians have difficulty processing calcium and calcium does more than help bones. It helps muscles, your heart beat and aids digestion. I got him to finally go but he looks better.

My in-laws said if he continues to do poorly they will take him to the vet and i don’t have to pay for it.

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Best of luck for you

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Why on Earth would you have to pay for their animal to go to the vet?!? Like, why would that even be an option?


Mate. It wasn’t your responsibility anyways so paying shouldn’t be in the picture. I know you survive looking out for the animals and I’m glad you do…the rest of your inlaws sounds troubling. You don’t need that rubbish in your life.

I know you know what is good for you…but mate. Sometimes it pays to stand up for yourself! Your partner should understand that!


It’s so hard @rogueone they are so dependent on her in laws…

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Yeah mate. I think it’s a one sided relationship…Does a great job with all those pets!


I don’t think they are going to take him. Then my mother in law said she doesn’t want the kids to handle Leo. They never handle him anyway they always want to hold kaisei.

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