Don't have friends

I don’t have much friend,now just 1-2 of them I kept in contact,they also have mental health issue.But I recently joined a sports club to make friends and play that sport.I really have not much friend with high quality,I think I should expect lesser so that I don’t get too stressed up

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Those one or two friends, do you really connect with them? I think that is really important.

didn’t you use to go meet ups?

I only have 2 friends, too. I try to make more, but I’m too dumb.

I think losing and gaining friends is part of a person’s growth throughout the years. Depending on your age, priorities also change.


Sometimes one or two good friends are better than lots of “sort of” friends :slight_smile:

I only have a few friends too, but they are good ones. I hope you can meet more people on your sports team. In anycase, playing the sport is something fun to do :slight_smile:


I did go to Meetup,but stop last year september as all of Meetup event happen in singapore(another country) while I live in Malaysia…Because of the distance I stopped going

all my friends dump me and i dont care…


I’ve not many friends but I’ve come to enjoy my company.