Dont have any question to ask?

except this
i give you some background where i was ??!!!
i was in disturbed thinking
to sleep or not ?
to take meds or not ?
but i stoped thinking and just took the meds
so the question is ?
whats the new after i took meds ?
whats the new meds wd bring to me after i took them today ?
meds bring improvement in the first days or weeks but after that
no any further improvements at all …
can anyone tell me anything good will happen to me after taking the meds from half an hour ago !!!

i know it take some time to open the topic …
… to reply to the topic or not
…may be you read and dont want to reply
…it take some time
anyway this bother me alot
meds improve the case in first days or weeks but no more improvements after that

working for ppl with mental illness is hard
even living life is harder more than anyone else
failing at school or college will be harder than anyone normal ppl
becoz you begin to think you will never succeeded
you may think you will be “dropped out” from the college
it is very hard life
we should be together and support each other
like we are doing now in this forum
thank you for your support
uncountable times voices said to me we will kill you
and you supported me
thank you

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death death
they will kill me
we will kill one of your family
your doctor may die
we who killed your father
like whip to my brain

as i m used to with my doctor
i will not complain a lot
just keep living life and fight in life
and achieve as much as i can
but voices really giving much stress to me by their idiotic talk

still alone despite i m 32 yo
very bad self image
voices dont stop
they made me hallucination that i look good
sometime i see my self in reality
i found myself very obese and very bad …have so much fats
btw thats true i m overweight by 30 or 40 kgs
they dont stop at this
they want to hurt me with ppl
they say this girl love you
but no one love me at all
not even me

Hey @saynow . Sorry that you are struggling. Saw that you were alone in this thread so I thought that I would say “Hi!”.

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thank you dear
you r welcomed at this topic and any topic
thank u

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we all will die
so there is no benefit to be angry
when the voices say to me i will die
or i will be killed

i m going to sleep
may be meds what cause this sedation effect to me

Goodnight @saynow

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Hoping you feel better tomorrow!

I find curved schizophrenic girls much more interesting than normal skinny ones. And had I just been 32 years old than I could stand a chance. But this is just an old man speaking that has already seen the best of times.

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