Don't give in to the terrorist plot

Terrorists want you to close your boarders. They want to spread fear and divide the nation into factions, just like them. Xenophobia is part of their plot to keep their recruiting stations open. To cause anxiety, and anger when you see a Muslim is to cause Muslims to react in kind as well whenever they see a non Muslim. They want you to play their game so they can keep their people stuck in a war zone and starving so they can use their rations to propagate that Allah is the way and he feeds you and so you must destroy the West.

I suggest that people start grass root organizations to show how there are peaceful Muslims and how they differ from the jihadists. Show how the jihadists use psychological tactis to get their way and that they are told that they must hate the West. We are the West, and should we give them a reason to hate us and justify their claims? Or should we prove them wrong and show them that we care just as much for peace for them as we do for us? We can prove that. And we have to show the extreme right that we are only giving into their demands when we want to shut them out of our countries. That they want to use this as an opportunity to raise more soilders for keeping us in check. And for showing that we are reasonably feared.

It’s time to show that the world can be a peaceful place.

Have you read their scriptures? It calls for the death of non-believers, death to Jews. I’m not lifting a finger on their behalf until they purge the hate from their belief system.

I wish I did read them so that I could expose how peaceful muslims differ from radical jihadists. It’s no different than the Bible. In the Bible, many people were killed in the name of God. Also which I have not read but have a vague understanding of. It’s caused some home grown terrorists such as Westboro Baptist Church who spread hate against people of their choosing. People can be easily swayed to condemn somebody, but that doesn’t mean just because other people who are similar are the same way. Correlation does not imply causation. We are all decent people just trying to get along.

EDIT: There are plenty of peaceful Christians, Christians who read the same Bible that tells Westboro Baptist Church members that “God Hates Fags”. And the same goes for Muslims, I know a guy that I went to High School with had parents who spoke Arabic. And he was a nice guy, pretty funny too. And despite all that he had to tell me and another friend that if he starts speaking another language on the phone with his Mom, to not freak out. To think a guy like that had to tell us to not freak out because his Mom spoke another language. It’s a damn shame.

There is extremes in all aspects of life. I dont group all muslims in with isis and more people should read other religions scriptures it would do the world alot of good and save alot of peoples lives. A good bit of info jesus is one of the more quoted figures in the muslim holy book.

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I wish I did read them

Me too. Getting tired of people telling me I’m misinformed about a religion I have studied and they haven’t.

This is turning into a religious debate, so, locking.