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Don't get any result with the medication i'm taking


I abuse medication not to get high but for tranquility, for insomnia and it works for 2-3 hours( for ex. big quantities: 800 seroquel, 9 mg bromazepam) then after 2 hours i have to take again also high doses. I cant stand my moods (big depression, anger, anxiety)they only stop for a few time and it always starts again very strong. I hate myself for being like this. I rather be dead. Im ashamed for posting thins.


usually it’s normal to sometimes be angry, anxious, or a little on edge. but if its everyday and at high levels constantly, I would speak to your doctor immediately


also I would really watch the depression, that’s the worst in my opinion. if you’re depressed a whole lot, speak to your pdoc asap


I will try to speak to him even if i dont want. He makes me fell bad when i have a serious problem he is always laughing about it. Is not funny


remember, it’s not about what he wants to hear or what makes him happy, it’s about you getting your life back in a positive way.


I cant stand him mokering about my health. is not helpful. I wish i can change him


usually there is always a chance to change your doctor. my facility told me one time something like some people get together with you and make a decision about it or something like that.

anyway, it’s usually possible to change doctors.


Hi @Samira have you tried Melatonin for sleep?


Hi, yes i did in the past. It worked pretty well.
I should try again.