Don't flirt at the dinner table

That’s something that drives me bonkers.

The hell you say. Nothing beats canoodling over noodles.



It’s gruesome - like seduce and eat.

I agree Chordy. I remember eating at the Pancake Kitchen once where a couple at the next table were all over each other. I had to leave lol.

Mrs. Pixel and promise to try and keep the overspray to a minimum.


Imma get get get you drunk get you love drunk of my humps. :musical_note:

A Sneaky Level sneaks his leggy to the other side of the dinner table :innocent:

She’s got me spendinnnn🎵

And sir Level pays for the bill :wink:


As a teen, it was great flirtatious fun to play footsie at the table. Especially when parents were oblivious. Just how high can I get my foot? :smiley: