Don't feel like myself today

Feel like someone is in my body, don’t feel like myself today. Feel like I can’t breathe or swallow. Feel heavily monitored/ watched by other people. Hope it will go away. They make me feel really anxious. How do these people enter inside my body? Feel followed by other people in the news or media they get mad at me often and I also think people in my neighborhood too. I’m just a normal person nothing special about me. But I think they pick up my intrusive thoughts which I think they cause and their treatment makes the symptoms worse. They get mad at me no matter what. Just want privacy and to be left alone.

If you feel you can’t breathe or swallow, get medical help as soon as possible. Go to the hospital.


ER or A&E don’t be afraid to call them.


I actually can relate to how you are feeling. For a long time I thought something else, a shadow, had taken over my body. I knew that people could hear my thoughts and I was constantly being followed by people.

Over time, with medication and some tricks from my pdoc (like counting very slowly and focussing on breathing while I count), I started to lose those feelings. I still used tonnes of talcum powder each day to block my pores to make it harder to track my scent.

To be honest with you, I wish the shadow was still inside of me. It was a comfort. Now he jsut plays songs on the radio to me.

Dear Turtle,

I know how you feel , feeling like someone, a shadow is in your body. The people in my body give me great distress though. They yell at me for whatever thoughts I possess and today they made me feel really timid and weak. I feel them underneath my skin. I also feel followed and harassed. Just try to stay positive and have the support of my family.

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