Don't feel like I can take it

I can’t tolerate going on much more.

Nothing changes the pain of so many things. So I ask myself why go on?

I can’t do it.



Hang in there. :blush::blush::blush:


Have you tried antidepressants? They might help.


Please tell me that you’re not about to try and end your life. Yes there is pain, but there is also love and joy. You will feel that love, if not now, then some day, but only if you stick around. Please speak to someone in person, call or text a crisis line, or go to the ER. Your life is worth living, even though you’re struggling to see that now. Please speak to someone and don’t let this situation get any worse.


Please keep going. Don’t give up!

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Niether can I.

That’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

Me too.

It’s good to vent. We’ve both made it this far. I hope we can both make it a bit further. It’s not easy sometimes. Like now.

If it’s really serious then speak to someone in real life.

Are you under stress right now from something?

Let’s both stick around. You’re a good person @Genbu.


Sorry this is so long, I hope if you read it that it helps.

I’ll start off by saying, haven’t you seen all the people on here who have gotten better? I’m one of them. I could have given up easily; I was severely ill. But with help, hard work and luck I have been able to accomplish stuff. You can get better too. It is normal to get better as you age. Plenty of people do.

Time to drag out one of my favorite AA sayings: “Don’t quit ten minutes before the miracle happens.”
You could get a lucky break anytime that would improve your life. You can even decide to “make things happen”, meaning talking a risk and taking concrete steps to improve your life.

I’ve done it, other people have done it, and you may be able to do it too.

Let me say this. Three years ago my mom died. It was a big trauma for me. At the same time my landlady gave me a month to move out and get new housing because she decided we weren’t compatible. These events sent me into a tailspin and I ended up in the psyche ward at age 55 for feeling suicidal. My last hospitalization had been in 1989. I thought my life was over. I had to quit college. I had no housing and I couldn’t work; so I took two months off from work.

I had been living independently in society for twenty years at the time. But I ended up in a tiny room in a board & care home, sharing the room with some 26 year old kid who had been homeless for 8 months and he had got kicked out of the army. The idea was to “get back on my feet”.
I partially succeeded; I went back to work, I signed up for another online class, I had a car. I kept taking care of business and my finances.

But the board & care could get hard and I was unhappy most of the time even though I had some good experiences there. One night my sister gave me a ride home from dinner and she saw my tiny room and she said, “Are you prepared to live here for the rest of your life”? She saw my condition and how hard everything was and she was right. I had no prospects for housing, the board & care was the only affordable help and I was not in good shape mentally. It was a sobering moment.

Well, I’m here to tell you: The group home kicked out a bunch of us so they could make more money off of dependent clients. So I moved down the street into another group home owned by the same previous home. I lived there and it was worse there than the first group home. I lived there 6 months and they kicked a bunch more of us out again.

But a weird thing happened. My case worker found me the nice apartment I’m in now. I only had one roommate to contend with. I’ve been back at work three years now, I began taking classes again. My car runs great, I am free. I eat what I want and go where I want. I have a big room now to myself. A couple of my neighbors like me. I take care of my own business.

But do you see my point? Do you see how things can change? Do you see how hopeless things can appear to be but that they can change completely on a dime? There is always hope. I’ve always had my ups and downs. My downs were scary and dark but good things still inevitably happened to me. This could be you.

Sure, I realize how tough life can be and your hopeless feelings are really how you feel right now. But feelings are transitory and temporary. I just want to maybe give you some perspective on how things can get better. Good luck @Genbu.


Stay strong man…there’s plenty to live for. It’s selfish to leave family and friends behind.

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@Genbu, there is always hope. If the symptoms are getting you down you might benefit from a med adjustment. A quiet head is possible! It can be truly blissful.

I know that when I eat tryptophan heavy foods my symptoms get the better of me and I get really negative, but iif I eat low fat low protein foods the symptoms are much quieter.

Can I go with you? I have no friends. I feel some of your pain.

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you can do it… and you will… this too shall pass

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