Don't Eat, Drink, Eat, Drink WTH?

Gawd so sick of the news, eat this and you will die early, then eat it or you will die early, One day its good for you the next day it’s not.

Also on the news today wash your hands every hour, WTH !!! last week was were being to clean and need germs to stay healthy so my plan is

Live life the way I always do, Eat what I want, Drink what I want and wash my hands when I damn well feel like and I only get a cold about every 10 years


Woody Allen movie Sleeper explored this theme!



Good idea but i think we need to listen to our body as well, only eat when hungry, drink when thirsty

i think sometimes side effects of meds or whatever can cause this to be messed up a bit, like increased appetite, dry mouth and weight gain, its not good but i have to persevere as much as i can in order to stay mentally adept,


For a while they were saying eating red meat and processed meats like hot dogs was really bad for you.
I don’t give a crap anymore I’ll eat what I want.
I really don’t want to live past 65 anyway.


P R E A C H :upside_down:

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there’s nothing wrong with living past 65… is there?

I mean, that’s the age when you can get money from the government. so it sounds quite good, right?

Its the age they send you off into the woods or an island…

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Do u still work Despite of ur Sz…!!!