Don't discuss anything unless it's schizophrenia related

okay. well, I’m much more.


I know we have different politics but I like you.

thanks. I like you too.

Well, Please think of those handicapped persons whose body parts permanently damaged. At least all schizophrenic don’t have these issue but only chemical imbalance.Then why schizophrenics want to become normal if they considered disabled.

Ha! I’d cut my arm off if it meant I don’t have to suffer from mental illness

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well you get hooked on meds, skip em a day or two, have affects

idk. what’s your best plan? I had, or have a brain disorder, it doesn’t seem to be a light thing.

many injure their body… do you think it affects thoughts, cognition, function?

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No one wants to talk about my booty?


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I got a snowman display from Walmart, him shaking his booty. ha, it’s all good. still got it up.


Those are AWESOME. Right up there with the singing fish you hang on your wall.


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