Don't close this thread


if you dont close this thread i’m going to get angry, you wouldn’t like me if i was angry :joy:


Here is a prize for those who posted in this thread



We need spicy posts :hot_pepper:


Oh you want some hawt food porn, eh? Well, I’m not going to give it up, nope


It definitely applies to anyone under any influence. But people don’t often post saying “I’m so stoned right now” for some reason.


I notice it on Facebook, not a lot but some people

even show pictures of getting stoned.

I think pot is here to stay, unfortunately.


I don’t moderate Facebook, thankfully, so I have no control over that.


I hate stoners and drunk people idk why


sobriety can be a very hard thing

and it can’t be forced

even though that’s the rules on here.


Because you don’t understand it because you’ve never had to do it yourself so you hate it?? How could someone hate a person who takes a medicine. And how can you hate someone who becomes addicted to self medicating themselves with alcohol. That’s as bad as stigmatizing schizophrenia imo.


I am wrong i know sorry.


It’s ok @Spark.


I respect people who want to recover though


This thread is closed. It no longer accept replies :sunglasses: