"Don't carry the world upon your shoulders."

I just like that statement. The effort of winter is over for another year and I just want to relax and enjoy for awhile.


My shoulders are sore and tired lately :worried:


I see no alternative sadly. If I don’t deal with it who will? :frowning:

Have you forgotten that there are other, capable people in the world?

For me the weight of the world is just taking care of myself…


Nobody takes care of themselves entirely. It’s relative. What happens is getting proud. I am living in a home and don’t regret it often. My provider is a care giver that I’d hate to think of losing.

I have been going through a lot lately - increased anxiety - probably since I raised the Risperdal - panic attacks, rapid mood cycles, I tried to express everything to my pdoc, but time is so short with her.
I woke up with no anxiety - took my first dose of Risperdal Wham!!! My Anxiety increased big time.
i am not anti meds nor am I anti psychiatry but Man am I ever so sick of these medication side effects - wish there was another way.
I do apologize for my rant

I lived in a group home before. I miss having people around and even a few that understood. But honestly my mother did everything for me. I was 320 pounds, didn’t bathe, completely dependent. I almost died of heart failure. My doctor was going to put me on medication that’s causes kidney failure. I was 29.
If I reach out to my mother now that I “spear” to be doing better her bf starts trying to get himself a threesome going and chance he get by interfering and keeping her off balance.
I know what you mean my therapist is a God send as are the people at church…im really glad I found this site :slight_smile:

Keep trying with med changes. I use to be on 4 80mg Geodon. Then I went too two and had crazy anger outburst’s. Now I’m on one and yeah I talk to myself and make funny faces but I feel way better.

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Spear=appear. I hate that lol

It’s ok to vent. Sounds like you don’t trust your meds. They can be a frustrating knockout that’s difficult to understand.

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Really hope you can find a decent combinationof medication that works for you…I totally understand your frustration