Don't call us mentally ill?

I’m intrigued to know why you think so. I don’t know much about lobotomies.

With this, I also call myself “physically ill” because I have a physical illness. I would just say, let the person who has a disability to define themselves.

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like they say in the movies, you’ll never work again, if your mentally ill. truth be known they are all ill. with what i call. shock value income syndrome. you get it if the cost is right. anyway the word ill throws one off, its like sick or something worse.

Basically it makes you a vegetable until you die.

Sorry to be so morbid but I kinda feel it would be good to switch me off sometimes

Don’t worry about being morbid; I talk about my death all the time.

Thank you for sharing. However, do you fear what would happen after the lobotomy?

Reminds me of the whole “I don’t want to be called obese”. Why not? That’s what that word means.

I feel like these are more linguistic arguments. When you change the words used, the perception behind that word can change with it too. But when the meaning is accurate what is the objective?

What is a more appropriate term for severely overweight than obese?
What is a more appropriate term for people with mental health issues than mentally ill?

IMO its just more people wanting to live in fantasy land. Controlling other people’s ability to describe things true to objective reality as opposed to how they want to things to be

You don’t want a chunk of brain function taken away, believe me. It’s horrible. The first week of my life after the strokes was much worse than anything SZ has ever visited upon me.


When it’s pubic or strangers I call it -
I have an invisible disability

That covers all kinds of stuff
I feel like I’m partly protecting my privacy but it worries me that actually it is a bit visable

I call myself bonkers sometimes. But if someone else were to say it in a serious way i would be offended.

Ive been called many names - but its always usually in a nice way, and im not a snowflake and wont start taking offence.

Its when it meant in a malicious manner than that does annoy me.


You never cease to impress

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Te llamo chistoso!!!

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Brain thing.

It’s just my brain thing. Ooorgle has a brain thing. Just Ooorgles brain thing acting up.

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Just some times I get issues that are existential in nature, and I hit the wall with these kinda of thoughts of just being in for the ride as a cabbage.

When I feel particularly low these days I do think what it would be like to just have myself ‘switched off’

For a long time I’d get spells when I wished I was in a ‘mental coma’.

What does NT mean?

neurotypical 151515


Haha. I had to translate that 1515. I take it as a compliment lol :smiley:

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I know but you just crack me up :joy:. Like all the time.

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