Don't always believe your Memories - New Study Shows How Bad our Memories Really Are

This new research shows just how flawed all people’s memories really can be - whether you’re healthy or not:

It’s Crazy How Easy It Is to Make People Falsely Remember Committing a Crime

By Jesse Singal

Memory’s a pretty fluid and complex thing. We don’t always remember specific details of an event well, and what details we do remember can be influenced by stuff that happened after the event itself. This is all pretty standard when it comes to memory research.

What the authors of a new paper in Psychological Science just pulled off, though, takes things to a whole new level: They were able to convince study participants they had committed a crime that was completely fabricated.


Most of my memories that I have from before psychosis become instantly tainted with the presence of this telepathic hallucination. Tricking me into think it was always there. Sucks. Maybe I was always subconsciously doing this.

This is why the ‘memories’ of past regression therapy are always suspect. depending on how questions are asked and what is asked it is fairly easy to ask leading questions that will trigger a false memory.
If you notice, it seems they almost had to implant the memories as cues because without the cues no one remembered any details…meaning people are highly prone to suggestion.

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