Don't act my age?

Im 29 but act like a 24 year old. It’s better now, I acted like a teenager up until a year ago. Anyone else out there who has difficulties with maturity?

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i say my metal age is just 16.Cuz i like cartoon alot…!!!My actual age is 31 lol…!!!


I felt I did and maybe I did in some ways, but all things considered I was very mature. People confused looking young for being immature so I believed it, strove towards maturity and now I’m fairly mature for a 26 year old. The last year or two I’ve become waaay more mature but I was always in some aspects mature, and in other aspects immature. Then I put it all together and I’m pretty mature all around. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as long as you act like an adult.

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Age is just a number society wants people to act accordingly, I like to joke around, I don’t live a typical lifestyle for my age, but I’m not doing anything bad So the heck with society LOL.

Lots of ways I act my age, some I don’t it’s all good


I don’t wanna…and they can’t make me…

As side form social normal do not think I found a guide to your X age so act like it! On the top 100 books.

There is a different of body age the age your body is and your age being mental age is normally used as a marker for a persons mental age of devoplement how one thinks and handles information and emotions.

Body and mental age is not alway the same for most it is. Sorry for the typo English

Im 21 but act like a 12 year old with access to booz and drugs.
Lets make it 14. I have the decency to at least be considerate of others and be polite

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