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seems im using my auditory cortex part of my brain, the part of your brain you use to imagine sounds, for example when you have a tune stuck in your head thats the part of your brain that remembers the song and plays it back to you. i am using this part of my brain to think subconsiuosly all the time. in order to recover i need to prevent myself from using it and train my brain to think using a different part of my brain


That is very cool.

It’s all about training the brain… ignoring some stuff… letting some thoughts pass through and sorting out what’s real and in the here and now.

Good luck… it sounds like you’ve found a great start to your path.

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cheers for the support

Never thought about it that way. You mean thinking in images instead could make the voices go away?

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i thought about actually saying what im thinking outloud using my mouth instead

There were times I felt that pictures described what I was going through better then words.

My Dad is an art teacher and one of his assignments is for a week, try to find a picture that describes how your feeling.


its tricky to imagine a picture as a thought all the time though

I used to give my show tenants (imaginae) like imagine A pronounced…I would visualize things that were creative and funny for my voices most of the time along side a set of headphones. I also used to play my own songs for my voices in my head, like a two band song that was called, (the duet). It was a rock ballad and I can’t remember how it went truthfully now. I wish I could have saved these things in my brain and had been able to hold onto them…but I’ve been beaten down and I stubbornly don’t approach the method of trying to entertain voices or even myself. My mind has become quite blank and I’m not always happy over it, but it sounds like if you can imagine sounds and keep that tune and key…you definitely should approach a musical career. Cheers.

i would like to use my problems as an advantage for example if people could hear my thoughts i could play music for death people but i worry i wont get anywhere in life if i have this habit

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But if you can imagine song you have natural musical talent. Just wanted to let you know (you’re a natural) at music.

the only downside is getting the song stuck in my head and it just repeats itself over and over and over… but thanks anyway very flattered

Yeah, in Japan (I think) they are changing the name of schizophrenia to some sort of perception disorder, because if you think about it that’s what it is.

It’s a better name than schizophrenia, which I think means shattered or split mind, which is really more implicative of multiple personality disorder.

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You mean (dissociative identity disorder)…it’s a pleasure that they keep changing the title and not fixing the problem lol…