Don’t understand meds

I’m in hospital back on section 3.

I was on invega 100mg. I missed the injection last Wednesday and got sectioned the next day.

My pdoc said they want to start me on 150mg invega. Why didn’t they start that today, they gave me the 100mg shot. Then 2mg Haldol in morning and 2mg Haldol in afternoon.

Does this mean I’m going to be in hospital for the whole 28 days until next shot of invega?

Why did they start me on the Haldol, what benefit is this?

maybe you’re psychotic and you need more meds now?

You just have to trust that your doctor knows what he’s doing.

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Usually if they add Haldol, especially on top of another antipsychotic, it means you’re incredibly treatment resistant. Oddly, my paperwork lists I was put on it for anxiety.

That’s weird. I think you have to ask them, and they should explain. It sounds like they feel you have break through symptoms and want to curb that quickly with the haldol, which is fast acting, and then longterm with higher dose invega? But that is just guessing…you really should ask the doctor!

Yep. They would always stack Haldol for me in the psych ward when I was going through a rough patch.

Okay thank you for the replies.

I see pdoc on Thursday. How quickly some Haldol kick in?

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Haldol is really quick. They’ve given it to me in the ER before and I used to take it as my ap.

In the U.K. the nurses like to use haldol as it makes their life easier. ‘Rapid tranq’ is the term they use.

Don’t worry it’s basically to calm things down in the short term. It works real quick. Within like an hour

They gave it for for delusions not PRN

You are not extremely treatment resistant on two or 3 antipsychotics if you respond good on them. I am what is called a super responder because the 3 antipsychotics I am on wipe out every positive symptoms. So if one ain’t enough go for two. But if two ain’t enough go for 3 antipsychotics or Clozapine. I am on 600 mg qutiapine and 160 mg Ziprasidone. Beside of that I am also on 400 mg. Clopixol depot every 3 week.