Don’t think I am going to do psychology now

I feel very raw and fragile and don’t think I can face talking about problems. Maybe in the future.


Studying first year psychology courses is easy. When it’s gets to second or third year then it gets hard. Also the statistics courses for a psychology degree are immensely difficult.

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Sorry I meant go see a clinical psychologist

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My bad too… I thought you were talking about school.


I don’t enjoy therapist visits either, most of the time introspection just reminds me that I am a loser. I also hate and distrust the psychologist, thinking they are only in it for money or that they think they’re better than me.

Try not to think like this, these aren’t positive ways of thinking. Rather, decide whether or not you want to continue, if you think more sessions will help you grow then go for it!

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My flatmate had a problem with me. But she thought there was no problem…even when she yelled her head off at me. I went to psychiatric clinic for calming down. I told my pdoc… My flat mate thinks she doesnt have a problem with me…if i think there was no problem and she thinks there was no problem…then there was no problem. I went home and there was no problem.

There is no easy way to do therapy. Perseverance is key. Cause it’s not a linear path. It has a tendency to get worse before it gets better. But its very worth it if you can manage. Nothing wrong with taking a break though.

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