Don’t receive a lot of eye contact

I find that I might be a boring person to communicate to.Because people just don’t talk to me or give me eye contact at work or with my family.I must be a awkward and different person

I understand your feelings. Please know you are NOT alone in how you feel. I also don’t understand why people avoid eye contact Its when someone WONT make eye contact that its them. not YOU who is awkward.

Don’t let it get you down. And SMILE and just say a soft hello when you walk by someone. Let them know you are kind

Hope you have a wonderful day at work tomorrow.

God Bless!!


Don’t know why this happen so much.I feel dislike

Why do people look away when I look at them.Its very discouraging,like I am not well liked

I don’t make eye contact much because it makes ME feel strange, not because the other person is strange.

I am not excellent at eye contact too,just feel people tried to look away when I try to look.Maybe I should look at their eyes lesser.I feel sad lol

I struggle to make eye contact at the right moments, especially with girls I like…

Probably contributes to my creepy vibe, also sometimes I frown or don’t smile. Its just the way my face is built.

Maybe the people at work think you’re attractive? Or out of their league? So they try not to look totally starry eyed whenever they see you. You know.

I’m average looking but attractive people know what I’m talking about.

Are you big and tall or intimidating in some way?

Do you smile at people first and make eye contact so they know to do the same?

Try that and see where it gets you.

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Is it in groups? If its group i researched that… sometimes they dont bother looking cause they know ur attentive. :o

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