Dollar Tree food haul!

I went to the dollar tree today and they had just restocked everything so I managed to snag some of their harder to get items!

I got 11 packages of fish to put in my freezer(they’re single serving sizes) frozen fruit, frozen veggies, french fries, meatballs, some broccoli cheddar rice, a cake mix and frosting, olive oil, and barbecue sauce. I spent $31.25 because my city doesn’t have food tax!

I also stopped by Walmart and managed to get a 10lb bag of fresh chicken leg quarters for only $7 on sale! So I divided them up in freezer bags and froze them. I should be good on food for a while now that my freezer is back to stocked up. Eating on a budget is so hard these days but I’m so happy I was able to find the fish at the Dollar Tree! It’s literally ALWAYS sold out.


Sounds like you did some smart shopping.

It’s common for food banks around here to give out 10 lb bags of leg quarters.

I find leg quarters boring with just salt and pepper so I download recipes such as this:


What a sweet score!

I went grocery shopping earlier today at Walmart. I got a bunch of goodies, including a couple cans of Dinty Moore beef stew. :yum:


Good score. It’s just dad and myself these days and everything is going up in good sized chunks. Pays to be frugal as it’s not a local thing it would seem. Lots of pressure on the hip pocket.


I like to make mine in my air fryer with a special seasoning mix I make with paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and fresh ground pepper! That looks tasty though!


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