Doing well is the biggest temptation to come off meds

I’ve been going through a good patch and found myself wondering if I could do without meds. :joy:

So many people fall into the trap. It’s like “Hey I’m doing really well, I must be cured now”. I’ve seen it happen on the forum more than once.

I’ve no intention of coming off meds.

But I think doing well creates the temptation to do so.


So true!!! I have the exact same problem - that’s also why I am on minimum dose not therapeutic one - because if I have a few remaining symptoms I realise I still need the meds. If I don’t have any symptoms for a long time I’m tempted to come off meds.


Yup, it is a trap. :turtle::turtle::turtle:


Been dealing with extreme sleepiness and I decided to reduce the AP dosage. Will see how that goes.


I tried to reduce the past year, not a good idea.

I’m glad you’re staying on your AP. It’s the reason you’re ok. Just keep reminding yourself that the reason you’re doing so well is because you faithfully take your meds.


How slowly and how much did you reduce? And what happened after?

I am going down from 15mg to 10mg. On average by 1mg a week. Should be slow enough.

I tried to reduce too but in four days I had psychosis so I had to go back on my usual dose

Did you tell your Dr?

My pdoc has already given me free hand to try 10mg whenever I want. I’ve been stable on 15mg for a long time. Years.

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Hopefully it works for you. Me I tried going down from 20mg Abilify, it didn’t work. Getting down from 4mg Risperdal, didn’t work. So I know that I am taking the minimum needed dose.


I took 10 mg zyprexa and tried to reduce to 7.5 mg at the beginning of november 2019. I started to hear voices a lot in mars 2020 but i thought (and i think that at the moment yet) that it’s a spirit who speaks to me. That’s why i decided to take more meds just at the beginning of june. Now i take 12.5 mg… more than before.

Yes so you know the boundaries. I could stay on 15mg it doesn’t bother me. But I am looking for ways to improve this d@mned sleepiness.

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I know @everhopeful , I know, it’s such a temptation. we forget what we’re like off meds. We think we’ll be fine. It took me so many years to finally learn my lesson and just stay on my meds even when I was feeling cured.


What made you want to cut back on 10mg? Were you feeling well or unwell?

I heard a little voices but it was not a big problem, so i decided to reduce and see, because on the long term i think it’s better to have the lowest meds possible. And now i have more…

I am also worried voices might come back. But as I need to stay alert for my job I can’t afford this sleepiness to go on. And I hate overdosing on coffee…

What is the meds you take ?

I take abilify. It’s not supposed to cause sleepiness but I’ve ruled out other possible reasons so now I’m trying this.

Hopefully you’ll be able to keep 10mg.

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