Doing Well, Feeling Stable

After a hiccup last week, I am doing surprisingly well. I credit most of it to the Lithium. As a prepubescent kid, I took Lithium and it did wonders. Looks like I will be on Li+ for a while. I sweat a lot in the morning, but it evens out around 4pm. The nighttime dose doesn’t affect my temperature. Still seizure-free, so that’s good.


Great to hear man, glad you decided to stick around.


Good for you Greg - Glad things are stabilizing for you :smiley:

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Whoo hoo. Glad for you, good you are doing well.

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Good good. I am feeling stable too, I didnt gag or vomit this morning for the first time in a while.

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glad to hear you are stable now, alien99. It seemed the medication has worked out for you.

I’m glad you’re feeling better and things are leveling out.