Doing social at the Photoshop class

I haven’t talked to a person other than my family for a very long time. Since I started attending this photoshop class, I noticed most of classmates are very young. They are very quiet and not talkative in the classroom. But recently a new classmate came to this class who looks like aged at thirty. He is very friendly to me and helped me in the class when I missed the point the teacher stressed. Today during the recess , he chatted with me, telling that he runs an online shop and hires two people to design advertisement for his shop. He wants to obtain the skills of design advertisement and save money.

I felt refreshed that I had a friendly chat with other people. I am recovering my social life.


It’s easy for people like us to isolate and withdraw from social activities. Often we tell ourselves that we don’t want or need them. The truth is that every human needs social interaction, it’s a basic part of humanity. We forget how good being with people can make us feel. I agree, it is refreshing when we have good social interactions.


You are way better than me. I am always hiding behind a computer. Almost completely isolated from the society. I could only imagine how socialable I am.

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