Doing really well

So I think I finally got a job that is going to work out. Pizza Hut delivery. You just deliver pizzas, do dishes, and clean up in the off time. I can smoke a cig whenever I want. The managers don’t expect a lot out of me cause I told them my situation. So I’m on easy street.

Bipolar is still occasionally acting up. But I’m dealing with that.

I’ve been just looking forward to work and getting away from my parents. Three years is enough when you’re in your thirties. They have to know all my business, where I’m going, what I’m doing…I prefer to be left the hell alone.

My best friend is schizophrenic and I’m starting to get tired of it. She always texts me this off the wall stuff. I don’t really ever think delusionally so it kinda gets on my nerves. I guess the better I get the harder it gets to deal with schizophrenic talk. I try to be patient but that kinda talk just brings me back to a place I’d rather not think about.


Congratulation on finding a job! :pizza:


Delivery drivers serve an important function. You rock!

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