Doing *nothing* to treat being over-stimulated state

I’m on orders to stop everything. Some are aware I’ve had a hard time with basically living and motivation and being a wife and mom when I cant shower most days just sit staring bUT have to function. So nearly had a breakdown going to a group forcing myself through life.
I am told I am to take a break from everything - no group, counseling and minimal home activities or interactions and stay in my room for hours every day when my family is around and come out later. Which with all these ‘negative type symptoms’ I am glad. My mind is so scattered I don’t sleep and even eating feels like a chore.
I was told this was all due to that … I am in a state of being ‘over aroused’, I think that means over stimulated.
Anyone else go through this?

I don’t know what kind of diagnosis I have yet but I’m sure others here experienced it im sure it happens across the board - overstimulation. Hoping this helps. They hope it will too. Right now life is at least more survivable.

oh this is a regular occurrence in my life, more so when I was married to a man that controlled all aspects of my life, and I always felt like that kids game called ‘crack the whip,’ and I was the one at the end hanging on for dear life.

Now not as much, because mt new hubby doesn’t run through life at the extreme speed as the last one. Makes all the difference in the world to me.
Still when things get overwhelming for me, I turn into a hibernating bear that just sits and stares.

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I prescribed myself to moments of silence throughout my day

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@Csummers @crsaen I am alone a lot so to some they would think this is too much… but for me now is necessary and I m glad sometimes maybe I needed permission… Better than being in a hospital but better silence and see my family more even if for a bit

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Not if this works for you. Before I was good alone.
Now I have a comfortable companion, two is better than one. Don’t think I could go back to solo anymore, not after finding my 2nd hubby. Also, I’m 52 years old now.

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@Csummers yeah I’ve got a good hubby and kids. But I am alone here bc I can’t work right now. So this is extra. Hoping for the best. Even typing is getting me overwhelmwd and a agitated. Time for a rest.

I have schizophrenia, my siblings do not. But we’re all stimulus intolerant, and we take a long time to recover from unwelcome stimulation. For example, when someone behind ya in a store runs their carriage into your back parts.



Hi @Jayster thanks 4 reply.
Have you ever had to do this when you are really sick bad and it helped.? I am staying away from stimulus and hoping it will help me recover signifactly. For now Interacting and being around noise is still hard but because of it not being often I am surviving much better


Your words strike a chord in me. I work part time, and I’m a part time husband, and I’m a part time family member all because that 's what works best for me.

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