Doing good and feeling thankful

I just got approved for a new apartment on my rental voucher, as well as should have a business grant coming in. Also ive adjusted my meds to 1 invega a day + silver colloidal per day and either a vitamin or testosterone supplement every other day and feel much better no side effects. What do you have to be thankful for ?



I’ve been really stable the last two weeks. Being proactive, trying to keep busy. I’m glad to see that it’s possible.

I had a problem with the power window on my car and finally took it in today to be fixed. I’m thankful I got that out of the way. And the cloth on the ceiling interior had been torn off a little and my mechanic glued it so now my interior is pretty perfect. I’m feeling OK, I’m thankful for that. And my new shirts were waiting in a package on my porch so I finally have some clothes that fit.

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love rules

our lord knows us


Pushing the limits of what you can get away with on religion a little heavy today san_pedro. Questionable at best.

ur lookin to me feel ood or bad @Bowens

Just trying to make sure you stay within the rules @san_pedro

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Today has sucked balls. But I was thirsty and they brought me some ice water to sip and it was the greatest thing in the world. So I’m grateful for cold water.


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