Doing For Health

Last week I made the six hour round trip to a specialist. Thankfully, my girl friend did the driving!

This Doctor specializes in, among other things, Over The Counter nutrients. So after I saw him last week, I ordered the stuff he recommended, and today it arrived. And I start taking these capsules and pills with meals! I measured out about forty pills and had them this evening with my dinner.

There is a certain and definite leap of faith to do what the doctor recommends. For example, a couple years ago I complained of the constant fatigue I’ve felt for forty years, and a Nurse Specialist said, “Well, I don’t know what’s causing it, but we have something to treat it.” And so my affair with Provigil. But the good doctor in New Hampshire says last week I’m taking far too much of it, and it is causing other problems, i.e., side effects.

Also, he says my Restless Leg Syndrome suggests I’m developing signs of TD again, and that the Cogentin should be used sparingly because it is going to stop working. He gave me an updated regimen of healthy fats to combat the TD.

It is hard work being me!


I am sorry to hear that the sign of TD is coming back to you, Jayster. Hope the supplement the doctor gave you takes effect on you. Please keep us posted on how your health goes.


Have you tried using one of those new Tens devices to relieve your restless leg syndrome? or may be an ice pack or heating pad? I once used some magnets when I developed a muscle twitch in my eye lid and placed them so that one was where I thought the twitch had started and the other magnet away from the first one in a place that I figured would reconnect the electrical signal between the two magnets. It seems to have worked because no twitch anymore but may be just a coincidence but it stopped the twitch when I tried it a couple of times.

Hi Jayster,

I’m excited to have seen this post as I’m very interested in taking supplements to help with my schizoaffective disorder. Is there any way you could give me a referral? I’m new to this forum and am not sure if there’s a way to privately message but any information would be greatly appreciated. Have the supplements been helpful so far?


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    The doctor I'm seeing is not taking new patients.


Thanks Jayster. Could he/she have a referral to another like-minded docs? Ideally in NYC but really anywhere.


You might find some referral through investigating the link above.