Doing everybodies elses chores

I’m in such a good mood my job was to clean the kitchen this week, which I did. But the girl who is supposed to take out the trash. The trash is overflowing. So I gotta take it out…once it gets light out. I’m not doing it in the dark what if the raccoons get me!!! But yeah I’m such a good roommate that I do other peoples jobs for them!!! Well maybe I’m doing it for myself.

But the girl and her boyfriend who are my roommates never do their chores??? Yet they called a group meeting about doing our chores. When I always do my chores and clean up after myself. Yeah I don’t clean my room because it’s MY space. But I respect others spaces and clean when I’m in the kitchen or whatnot. Now I’m doing others chores. I feel responsible.

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I took out the trash. No raccoons

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Raccoons are cute and cuddly!!!

Till they bite off 3 of your fingers and give you rabies that is!!!