Doing crap jobs

it’s easy for the docs and nurses to say ‘do this ■■■■ job’ when they would never do it themselves.

they have a nice job getting good money, just being nice to us.

i’ve done many ■■■■ jobs, when i have an education in advance of it.

should we flip burgers and wash the ■■■■ off toilets?

hmm not sure myself, any opinions?

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The only thing that’s ■■■■, is your attitude.

I’m well educated and I’ve also had to work some crappy jobs despite that.

When I kept getting fired all the time due to being combative,

I still had to pay credit cards.

I took a horrible job cleaning hotel rooms because it was all I could find on short notice (I could start the next day).

The rooms were disgusting, everyone was mean to me (because I came off like a snobby bitch), and I had never worked so hard in my life (for SO LITTLE MONEY).

It was humiliating.

However, I got in the grove and started doing better. The other cleaning ladies let me have lunch with them and I picked up more rooms, more money.

I’m not going to say it was great, but I learned a lot. And I made real friends that I still have today.

Sounds like you too need to be knocked down a few pegs into reality.

It hurts, but you become a better person.


perhaps we can agree to disagree, one lady to a gent, what do you think?

your post makes me wow too

I’m just saying that you are not better than jobs like that,

Neither am I.

A lot of great people and smart people have to flip burgers and scrub toilets to make ends meet because their responsibilities are more important that social stigma.

If you can find a better job with your education, why are you worried about it?

i can’t get a better job because of my illness - stigma and my paranoia.

and i think i’m better than cleaning ■■■■ off toilets, sorry if that bothers you.

You could word it better, it comes across like you think you’re above those that do those jobs

Sorry homie, you’re not.

No one is.

And getting a decent job with schizophrenia is difficult, but not unattainable.

If your doctor is the one telling you to work, then it is probably more for your health then for financial reasons.

That means you can take a job with less pressure/less pay.

What about factory work?

Its pretty steady, repetitive, and seems like something that could be rewarding.

Perfect for someone just taking baby steps into the work world.

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tell me to do ‘factory work’ after you’ve done it yourself for a year, as i have.

it may be a problem in the u s of a but i live in a more civilised country. sorry homie.

You need to calm down.

i’m very calm, maybe you need to.

My opinion?

Its not your diagnosis holding you back.

I think having any job while living with mental illness is impressive.


I’m done here…

geez you can’t take a little criticism?


ok i was hard, as you are hard

do as you will.

i am not so educated.

I have a certificate in aged care that took me two years to get.

I have assisted someone frail and old having a ■■■■ .
I have cleaned toilets and homes.

I also have a certificate of house keeping at hotel motels but I became psychotic while doing the short course.

I could not do the rest and could not make the bed in time.
I was not quick nor good enough to clean hotel .
I tried my best but it was not good enough.
I got a certificate of attendance because I really wanted it.

Several times when I flipped burgers and worked at cafe takeaway I could not tell customers what their change was cause I went mute and overwhelmed and the customers told me what their change was.

I can not work with aged care because I go mute and my body goes hysterical and stiff and I have some one else in my body .
Usually s man who is intense.

I truly wanted to work in aged care.

I felt set up.
Exercising nazis was the popular thing and I tried but could not.

My eons were not in my body.

My longest job was cleaning a house.
Then two houses.
I did that a whole year but became paranoid about the clients.
The organisation I worked for were good.
They were not in my face all the time.
I just faxed my time sheets in and met them only a few times the whole year.

I worked two hours a week to start and that increased to eight hours a fortnight.

I wanted want to have just one client I am comfortable with and visa versa but I can not stand to be around so many people.

I hate going mute.

If I assisted personal care ,cooking, medication but not social support.

I have applied for disability pension.

If I get it I hope to be able to volunteer work for meals on wheels.
If I feel well enough,can get there and can be around the people there.

I have cleaned up ■■■■ and assisted people shitting and I did not mind that.

It is the socialising that may be my main problem and my symptoms.

I assist my man and help take care of his dogs and home and pets.

I take care of my neigher and myself.

So you feel if you are educated you should be working with in the profession that you have your education in.

Symptoms of schizophrenia can prevent that.

I knew a engineer who took job as a buss driver in his new country.

My father on paper worked for free to learn from a man he admired and who became his friend.

If you are able to do these jobs .
You may end up loving it and meet nice people and feel you are doing good.

I can not go out there at moment.

I can not transport myself to most places with out assistance.

I worked at a cafe in Sweden where I even volunteered my free time to them without pay.

Why can you not work within your profession of education?

Many years of studying.

But maybe open yourself to the idea of doing something you can do if it will give you freedom and etc

@anon54386108 probably for the best. He’s an entitled keyboard warrior.

i shouldn’t have said that… i’m sorry.

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