Doing bad again, cant handle the stress

Im really stressed out for my internship. I feel like Im doing nothing right and now Ive ended up working over the weekend to make up for lost time for me not being efficient.

I love it but at this point I just want it to end so I can get my degree. I need time to get help for sure, Ive turned to weed and other worse stuff again and its just making things worse

Anyone know how I can just be better at doing things in an efficient way? Im very disorganized which is not good at all atm, I need to really categorize things


Do you keep a calendar and daily chart of tasks?

That’s what I do.

It keeps me organized and on top of things.

I know school is hard and sometimes it’s hard to see the light,

But once you have that degree it’ll be worth it.

You’re in a master’s program, right?


I have a work calendar and I write down my daily tasks, but at the current stage of my work I run a lot of simulations and use a lot of postprocessing scripts for the data and I need to keep track of all the files.

Not my strong suit lol

Yes, Im just wanting my degree now, Ive worked 3 years for this. Itll be so worth it when I finally have that stupid piece of paper haha

Yes Im in a masters in nuclear energy with a specialization in materials science


Smart guy.

Keep working, man, keep moving forward,

That’s really the best advice I have.

I didn’t go to grad school, but I know it’s brutal.


Thanks @anon54386108 ! It really is brutal, but I found the hardest part for me is working from home. I only go in 2 days a week and at home there are so many distractions. I also work whenever I can so I have not much work life balance

My supervisor said she doesnt like it also. But then shes much better at the job than I am lol


My husband really struggled when everyone started working from home.

It’s true that work life balance is difficult.

Good luck out there,

You’re doing good.


Much appreciated @anon54386108 thanks for the support!


i’m not the best one to give tips on this as i’m very disorganized too… but i also like to keep lists of what i have to do so that i can see what still has to be done or what not.

When should you get your degree?

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I should get my degree sometime after Sept 30th as that is the date of my thesis defense

Good to know Im not the only one haha I have a real hard time prioritizing tasks. I do firmly believe I have some form of ADHD. Used to think I was just lazy but I really honestly just am not able to organize


yea my pdoc said i have ADHD too… they gave me ritalin for it for a while but i got more psychotic again eventually and had to be taken up in the psych ward again.

What is your thesis about?

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You’re definitely super smart and hard working and creative from what I’ve seen. Pretty cool too!

People must believe in you and you must believe in yourself. Don’t give up.


Damn. Yeah I was hoping to be on like a non addictive non stimulant one like Strattera at some point. Doubt anyone would give it to me tho since I have psychosis. Guess Ill jsut have to work with what I got

My thesis is about severe accident scenarios in sodium fast reactor designs, bascially what happens if the pump fails and the control rods are removed. Were testing a mitigation strategy to deal with that situation, and my job is to run the sims and evaluate the results

Thanks @anon28145038 ! Glad to hear that. I wont give up!


sounds interesting =D
do you have to give a talk to the judges about it?

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Thanks! Yup gotta talk to a panel of judges from my university and industry. Its gonna be nerve racking lol


yea i bet!
I’d be really stressed for that.
I wish you the best of luck with that. You’ll do really good i’m sure =)


I hope so! Thanks for the vote of confidence @lekkerhondje

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IMO, that’s one of the biggest issues with working from home – the adverse impact on work life balance. That, and feelings of isolation, especially for new employees who started their first job after graduating college during the pandemic. They may have moved to a new geographical area and are away from family and friends. We’re getting a lot of feedback at work that the new employees are feeling stressed out and isolated.


Yes it is very not good. I feel like I dont know how to integrate at work, everyone kinda already knows each other. The one guy I met whos also like that got a psyciatric evaluation and got to go in 5 days a week. I shouldve done the same but I dont wanna cause trouble by having to say I have severe psychosis lol

No longer dxd sza though, which Im kind of happy about. But psychosis NOS is kind of vague, I wish they knew more what was wrong with me

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Can you ask your work supervisor and/or your thesis adviser if there’s a way to go in to work more than 2 days a week? You could let them know you’re really struggling with feeling isolated at home and going on-site to work would really help with this.


I got psychosis NOS as well dude. Turned to weed yesterday as my buddies where having a sesh. Just two hits were enough to set my mind spinning with stress. Today the stress is still in my body, wish I could output some quality code but just unfocused as hell due to yesterday. I know what would make it go away, but then I’ll be awake for a while again and maybe late for work during the week.

I wish I could say no better, they didnt even offer me but still had a puff… Didnt want to hijack your thread, all I wanted to say was weed kills my focus, you’re better off with a beer or some sports in the evening to cope with da stress. Be mindful of who you hang out with as well…

Good luck with your thesis!

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