Doing awful need meds baaaadd

I was suspose to see psychiatrist but he ended up in icu night before I see him… he was gonna get me on new meds now I have to wait until 24th this is terrible. I can’t sleep at night need new meds bad im scared I have to go 11 days before I get on new meds. The ones im on now are garbage since I got tooken off clozapine over a week ago I can’t sleep now. These bedtime pills literally do absolutely nothing I take them at 9 pm and I can’t fall asleep until 2 an every morning it’s brutal… Don’t know wut to do really stressing baaaddd

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Hello, Have you tried melatonin?

Ya last year I tried it didn’t really do anything for me

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Can you get an emergency visit? My shrink is overworked and impossible to get into but I can pay $30 and he can give me scripts. That is only because he’s so busy. He used to just send out the scripts at his expense.

Ring your doctor. Whether it’s an emergency visit or a script you need some results!


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