Doing away with a desire for feedback/Making a JRPG

I’m addicted to feedback. I’ll rarely engage in any lengthy project if I can’t ask at the end of every sentence/line/scene, if another person approves or not. I’m not necessarily against negative feedback, even, I just find I constantly need to be reassured that what I’m doing is worth noting… if that makes any sense.

Maybe I’m just lonely or something, but I really need to shake this silly compulsion if I’m ever going to accomplish what meager goals I do have.

I’ve been trying my hand at making an rpg with that rpgmaker program. (Got it on sale years ago.) Almost certainly won’t return any money for my time invested, but I like doing creative things, telling stories is my strength in this sort of work. Everything else… Artistic ability, mathematics, logic, are all fairly average to poor.

One hint I received is to start with as small a project as I can, and scale down if I find even that too much. I think I’ll try that, maybe do a one-quest game and work my way up and on from there.

I have this issue too… it’s not a cool one to deal with.

It’s hard, especially when you get it sorted out how to not talk about it and someone else comes prying in to see what you’ve been up to.

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