Doing anything for charity?

this is what i am doing this year i think-

i got an email talking about the student society in our college and i wrote back saying i would like to be involved in the following areas- ideas, charities and fundraisers and also the environment because i feel deeply about these things, and i am just waiting to hear back from them, they also said that they want to promote children in need which is a huge charity over here that helps children obviously but they said i might have to dress up as a superhero bc that is the theme haha (had visions of jumping around like batman haha.

another thing i have been wanting to get involved in is the poppy volunteer program helping veterans by selling poppies which represent the fallen (people who have died for their country) like in the 1st and 2nd world wars, it helps people who have been injured or been affected by mental ill health, reintegrating them back into everyday life etc, i think it is a really good cause anyway i think the poppy also represents a hope that one day war will not be necessary.


I work at charity shop. It is for children with skin disease the skin blister at slightest touch
I like working there as the rest of the staff are cool
I do two mornings per week
Been there a year and four months


I work for a children’s charity its huge all over Uk


That’s a good cause. I had never heard of it until a child with it was at the NHL awards this summer. It really gave me perspective on what suffering could mean.

idk how many charities that children in need help but i would like to find out because they might help charities like that as well,

i was thinking tonight about the superhero to dress as and i thought batman but now i’m thinking jesus but thats just a bit weird isnt it? haha