Dog won’t stop chewing on my blankets

Chloe (that’s the dog) is spending her days with me now because my brother is allergic to her. But a few days ago, she started chewing on my blankets. I have given her 2 different types of bones. I feed her plenty. I always make sure her water bowl is full. I give her treats. I take her outside several times a day, though she can’t stay out there too long because it’s too cold. I give her rubs all day throughout the day. I cannot for the life of me figure out why she won’t stop chewing the damn blankets. I’m worried she’ll chew holes into them. Please, are there any dog experts here that can help me out?

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She’s probably just nervous from the recent changes.

I know my dog licks things when he gets nervous, the couch, blankets, other dogs.

I wish I had some good advice,

Seems like you’re doing everything right.

Maybe it’ll just take time for her to adjust.


Thank you, that makes sense. She’s not used to hanging out in my room with me. She’s been with my brother for over a year, but his allergies just kept getting worse and worse so we had to make a change. Also, I forgot that a few days ago, she ran downstairs and startled Tink Tink, who jumped on her claws blazing when she saw me follow Chloe. She may be scared from that as well. I guess I just don’t understand why she insists on chewing my blankets instead of her bones. I’ thinking next time my mom and I go to the store I’ll get her something soft to chew on, like one of those stuffed animals that you see in the pet care aisle. Maybe that will help. Like right now she’s chewing on the blanket I’m under, nibbling on the part that’s right next to my skin. It’s annoying. Ugh I’m so frustrated. I guess I should be grateful that she’s not trying to pull the blanket apart.

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