Does Zyprexa cause frequent urination..?

i am noticing this problem on 15days of zyprexa…???:shinto_shrine:
any one one zyprexa having same problem???
plz share…:izakaya_lantern:

I got Diabetes Type II from Zyprexa. The first symptoms were excessive thirst, hunger and frequent
urination. Please tell your doctor right away as you might be having the onset of Diabetes. Zyprexa is notorious for causing Diabetes.

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@GregSLBauder May i know ur dose of zyprexa…???

I took 30mg a day about 12 years ago. Now I take Seroquel which works for me. You might not have Diabetes but it can’t hurt to get checked for it, just the same.

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Far_cry, do you still take Zyprexa daily? I remember you said you have stopped taking this med.

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far_cryo. Don’t worry as there is a very good chance you don’t have Diabetes. But it’s a good idea to see your doctor.

May I ask the dose of your Zyprexa, Far_cry? I am thinking about a switch to Zyprexa from Amisulpride but not sure.

now i start taking it …without it i couldn’t sleep…
i take 5 mg of Zyprexa along vanalafaxine and mirtazipine and clonazapam(benzo)
the main problem is sedation i sleep twice aday.and urinate frequently…
so in my next pdoc meet i will discuss in this issue…
i am sure ur switching ur medicine off right???

Really bad recation you’ve got from this medication. Now I’m scared of taking it because I don’t like too much sleep.

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Judging by your pictures your not overweight , so thats a plus, but frequent urination and a zyprexia combination is worrying , dont panick , see a doctor , but definetly do so. A simple blood test could rule it out (diabetes). I had urinary issues totally unrelated to diabetes and it ended up benign. So thats good. Come back and let us know how the blood test went…

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now I definitely deserve a blood test and Urine test…:bamboo:

Dont have to be…medicine reacts differently to people…
@green5 sleepiness could be due to benzos …
so i am giving off benoz on next pdoc meet…
take care…'thanks…:sparkles:

I’ve got that problem, and I am on Geodon and Seroquel. For me, it is a small price to pay for having a med. that controls my symptoms and doesn’t have unbearable side effects.

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