Does your town or city have much to offer you?

im trying to think, most of what this place has to offer, i don’t really enjoy. like gambling, or golf, or boating/water recreation.

the food isn’t much to talk about, and the grocery doesn’t have everything i need. this place is pretty lame for me. it’s even a 30 minute commute to get to a good hiking location.

the good things i enjoy, are in the summer, they have a bbq and blues festival, a car show, ‘music on the river’ once a month with cover bands and a fall festival. that’s when it’s best around here, but all those things were cancelled due to covid this year. so im mostly just staying in.

lots more parks in my hometown, where i could always play basketball when i got bored. and better restaurants and grocery, as well as more entertainment options, and more places to hike, and it’s also a good place to get around on a bicycle. while also having music festivals.

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I have an aunt who lives very close to Cincinnati.
Are you by there @Lifer?


relatively close, less than 50 miles away. used to walk to cincinnati from my hometown, it was a 20 mile hike to the greyhound station where i would buy a ticket and check out other cities. sometimes i would get a cab. i lived right by the ohio stateline, and spent a lot of time in cincinnati when i was younger. i haven’t been downtown in over 3 years i dont think. the cincinnati international airport is actually in kentucky, im there at least once or twice a year.

so yes, relatively close, but we are a little off the beaten path. which i like. lots of people commute to work to cincinnati or northern kentucky from here. better wages in the city.


Tbh it’s not bad but I don’t care to come begging for work in this area again. No way I get a fair shake.
Freelance web design for me. Plenty of people that are nice enough if they don’t know about your dx to balance out the difficult people though.

Good access to services or good enough. It’s not a bad place to feel out my goals once I get out of this group home.


I have everything here within driving distance. Parks, restaraunts, gyms, department stores, drugstores, theaters, clothes stores, dentists, doctors, hospitals colleges, everything.


I live in a beautiful historic town. We have a castle that dates back to 1135 that it’s sits on the River Trent. The town is on the London - Edinburgh mainline so 1 hour 20 minutes to London and 3 hours to Edinburgh. I have a disabled railcard so travel to there quite often for quite cheap, stay overnight there. We have beautiful parks. During the English Civil War (1642 - 1651) my town was Royalist and besieged on three occasions.


My family are where I am, and that’s all that I find a reason to stay.

It’s also a bit further out from the commuter belt to London, so housing is much cheaper.

It takes 1 hr 30 mins on the train to get to London Victoria.

I also live in a conurbation that has a really cool city as part of it that I used to visit quite a bit.

We have the sea, and pinned in by a national park behind us to the north.

We have the better weather here in the South East of England compared to a lot of places.

I don’t feel like part of my local community anymore though, and I lost all my friendships with people my age.

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I’m local to the area. I have connections in the town, When I visit the pub I know most people, the bar staff know my name and what I drink, its a traditional English pub. I live in a shared house with other people with disabilities. The property is staffed 24/7, we have a good team. We have nice cafes I like visiting. I live near the city of Lincoln. I get free bus travel being disabled so go to Lincoln quite often, the other direction on the bus is Nottingham. We have a small cinema in town, I pay £17.99 a month for unlimited cinema viewings, I tend to go 2/3 times a week with my friends, they get in free as I have a disability card. This is Lincoln. Behind the photo is Lincoln castle, dates back to 1086…



It looks similar to the town I’m close to.


My town has a very Good secondhand shop along with Good food.
It has nature.
Its small yet feel stressful.

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I love L.A. 151515


my place is near most things and it looks pretty cool, the older folk keep it tidy and plant flowers everywhere


America is not a nice place to live @gene.


I would rather live with my x again out country town with his dogs.
Best home I ever had and only place I ever felt at home and best partner.

Where I live now is said to be pretty popular area to live in and I could never afford to live here but rent from family so that’s why I can afford to live in this area.

The people in my local Coles that work there seem super hateful specially one woman that clearly hates on me.

In my old town I felt welcome to do grocery shopping in this place I feel unwelcome.

Where I live now has restaurants,cafe, a supermarket,and it’s close drive to the beach and about half a hour drive to a shopping centre.

I am probably considered priveleged to get to live here when I don’t work but I rather my old home back.

People were nice in my area I’m at now kindof.

I said hi and they said hi back and now they stopped saying hi and look the other way when they see me.
It’s upsetting but trying to ignore any hateful vibes towards me.

Was much worse in Sweden.

If I could move back to my x I would but he won’t take me back.

I might try again a bit later.

So I favoured the cheaper neighbourhood strangely enough.

Does the place I live have anything to offer me as such…

Yeah I buy salad roll sometimes and Thai food sometimes etc but as hateful as the Coles chic is I don’t want to shop there anymore and people have stopped saying hi .some still say hi but most don’t.
Doesn’t feel like a nice neighbourhood with hate like that.
A nice neighbourhood is nice.

I want to go home!

But appreciate I have a place to live.

Will try to make it feel more like home but as I said only place felt like home to me was my x home.


@anon98459728: I’ve had 38 good years and about 4 bad ones. Plus I’m insulated in a nice part of town.


Well as long as you have health insurance. You guys are pretty rich so I guess you have that going for you.


where do you live?


Cornwall, uk. 1515151


You’re the first Brit I’ve known. Please don’t colonize anymore, it’s too much


Hey look, I wasn’t being nasty. A lot of people are looking to the us in despair at the moment. Things seem a lot different to what they seemed 6 years ago.

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