Does your mind wonder off to lala land alot?

I mean to a place where very little of your thoughts are making sense for long periods of time. LaLa land, wonderland or whatnot?

Not really. Am I missing out?

Missing out something I guess, but you might phase out of reality if you try to and it feels like far away.

this used to happen to me. I’d feel very out of it and far away.

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Yes my mind wanders a lot. I was diagnosed with ADD too.


Oh yeap… I also lacked a sense of meaning for decades… I was hearing what the others were saying to me, but I couldn’t understand it… it was the same with the movies and with every possible info around me tbh… it was a painful thing too… I always was thinking though I find, but I guess I was out of touch with reality yeap…
Tbh, maybe I was even symbollically blind and deaf, just with my own sick thoughts…
It gets better, dont give up.


That really sounds alot like what Ive been through. A part of me was in denial that Ive been far gone for a long time, at least mostly. I guess its dpdr with sza too. Its a hard way to live, i can tell you that.

my mind wanders of a lot. When I watched something on TV my mum sometimes asks something about it and then I don’t know it =D

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Yeah voices actually keep me from focusing and understanding what im watching habe to try really hard but im mostly just staring blankly at the screen while my thoughts annoy me like 24/7

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