Does your med put you in strange states you too?

Definitely my med plays me tricks. Will this stabilize with time? I have not normal states often on it now. This makes me question if meds are good. We already have troubles with this illness, no need to be like an e.t. with the meds…
Does this stabilized for you with the time please?

dont you have changing states per waves? I go from a state to state, its never good. I have troubles define those states but they are definitely not normal…

Take a long time to find the right med. we were in a strange state before we take them.
You work with your doctor and give them feedback.

Because you’re the expert on your own body and I did take some meds that made me feel worse and so I quit them and told my doctor why and then they give you a different one.

Eventually you’ll find the right one and when you stabilize you know it and then you can go on and live a much better life.

But ive tried around 10 aps, katwomansz… ive tried the most of them really. I can handle only Zyprexa. they are all strange. maybe i just need time to adjust to them?
I want to die now… every night after my take of my Zyprexa, this med kills my brain for 3 hours. But in the day I suffer less…
idk, I dont have a lot of positives. the schizophrenics with negatives are different you know… and those meds are heavy for us…all of them.

I’m just curious how long you’ve been on your aps before switching? I’ve been on my ap for 2 years and I can still notice changes I think it is responsible for.

you mean a good changes? ive been on the others aps from 4 months to 8,9 months… But Zyprexa is the one who made the biggest change. My doc doesn’t want to switch it anymore, she sees that the other aps dont work. and she says to me to wait now on Zyprexa.
But its still too tough…
and the worse is after it take, it knocks out my brain, I have the feeling of a compressed brain after the take of my Zyprexa to a point that it kills all my positivisme. it depresses me this med in the evening to an unbearable point. I cant even get up from my bed then, I feel heavy and depressed. but I have no choice moonwalker. only the Zyprexa works in the day a bit you see?..

My med just puts a brain fog on me and makes me sleepy. If I try to quit it it starves me by making it feel like I have 2 fingers down my throat all the time. I just want to quit this med, I am so tired I can’t do anything at all.