Does your main voice persona in your head pretend to be other people too?

Mine impersonates everyone and mind ■■■■■ me with impressions.

It tries to convince almost everyone is in on some weird hive mind conspiracy scheme.

I never heard voices. .still szphernik…

■■■■ it, I don’t want this ■■■■ in my head.

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Stupid ■■■■■■■ troll.

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Are u trying to push me…

I’m not talking about this devil information. I’m sticking to my own ideas about things.

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I figured out things through my own mind and now the demons are ■■■■■■■ with my head hard. BTW I originally wrote “eye” mind by accident. This is BS.

I’m keeping sober and ignoring this trollathon.

Took a shower, that’s MUCH better but have insomnia. :frowning: Sun will be up soon. Time to start a new day and ride this one out!

I’m having a problem of my voices interacting with each other as different entities.

I believe I’ve had more than one entity. I’ve had female voices that sounded external to my body, but my main entity is inside my consciousness and can communicate through thought forms and emotion and morph its energy into various people.

yesterday the voice was a depressed man… today the voice is a manic girl…

I have one that can control my thinking. it’s like a game it plays while I’m trying to recall names of people or things it will push into my head wrong info of who and what I’m thinking about. It’s very unnerving and upsetting.

The entrainment associated with the messages is the most disturbing part when they go ape ■■■■ on you, where they control your emotional reaction to it.

That was ■■■■■■ tonight. I thought my mind and body was fried. I’m staying sober. I’m going to work on strengthening my brain and body, then I will be more resist to mind fuckery and close door ways.