Does your life have sense?

I have been reading some books, whose author is the psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, so I recognize that my life doesn´t have sense.
I would like to know what is your experience and if you can give me some tips or what do you understand for sense of life?

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Do you mean purpose? Or Thrills? This may seem off but just allow me to say it all.

Happiness theory was helpful read. Most people feel/function best when they are accomplishing work/tasks. Working can keep you healthy and make you feel uselful. Bad moods can happen and these are not the time to make any lasting decisions…It will pass and then you can decide. People around you are better accepted with all the quirks and what-not. However, I disagree with the latter as females will find a lot of predatorial stuff hunting down women/girls that is totally legal and ignored by police so we really have no clue what we could be heading into. I’ve seen things deteriorate so badly in some areas, you really don’t want to move to some areas unless you know a local or you are bringing a relationship as some of the women have been ruined and used as prostituties with the cops silencing the women by putting them in mental hospital. Even city women who answered job ads to move to country had this happen in midwest sometimes and mulitple people that took the job got ruined…Female works better to network and silently avoid, if anything seems wrong treat it as such and even be prepared to leave. Being broke will leave you no option but to submit to almost anything possibly with no civil rights extended to you by policing until the man ended up in jail for something like killing your kids. So sadly, children killed by a man the mom could not ditch is VERY common and sometimes the family had complained to cops for long time with nothing done to protect the women/children.

On the most basic level, I used to think of Christian religion as the rock that strengthens the members. But nothing could be farther from the truth. As many of the churches just submit to whatever power wants to use the member, usually a dirty businessman presence in their town, even the smallest towns, the Christians are more and more the thugs, snivelers and loud whiners. The schizos are the strong people still shouldering as much of our former selves as we can plus taking the social problems that come with stigma for receiving any financial assistance after getting ruined…

Lots is relative. But many do not have a problem being a burden or a thug. They are increasing the zombie drones without a thought to any other person…

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Mine is that I have too much “sense” and not enough *making" sense.

I read Frankl years ago. (His book is a staple in any advanced psych degree program; no one gets out of there without having ingested a chunk of Viktor.)

In my paper on his “classic,” Man’s Search for Meaning, New York: Pocket Books, 1984; I took issue with his notion that social constructionism is a requirement for having meaning in one’s life.

Now, however, I would not, even though I remain more de-constructionist than constructionist (because the latter has so much potential to lead one down “primrose paths” into co-dependence and other psychopathology).

(TY to @Sarad for providing the “labels” to philosophical points of view I’d had for years but didn’t know the names of.)


i find it hard to make sense of life but i do try my best, i am a practicing Christian and we talk about life all the time,

Oh sorry for replying so late.

Do you mean purpose? Or Thrills?

Yes, I refer to purpose; pardon.

On the most basic level, I used to think of Christian religion as the rock that strengthens the members.

Yes my friend, the author Viktor Frankl said in his book that people who have religion have more strength that people don´t have like me.

Thanks for your comments.

That’s one reason why I practice religion. I’ve never read anything by Viktor Frankl. I might on my own.

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