Does your depot nurse come to your house?

Is this normal? Mine does every 4 weeks.


Not for me. I go in to the local community mental health unit and get given the shot there. I dont have to pay a penny for it though which is good.


She or a colleague comes every 3 months to give it.


There are no in home mental health services where I live. At least not unless you’re profoundly ill.

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No. I have to go 20 minutes away for mine

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I have to go to the clinic. I think if you are badly off and cant leave the house then they come to you. This is the public health system and the clinics, injections and doctors visit is free (paid by taxes). I am guessing if you have money you can pay for home injections privately.

before i switched back to pills, i went to the mental health clinic where they’d inject my butt with abilify maintena every month. i used to forget to take my pills a lot, dr said injections were an option so I did it for a number of months, forget how long. They were just particular about my heart rate before i took the shot. i had to quit drinking espresso before going there because it increased my heart rate and then they’d make me sit around until my heart rate settled down.


Yes. My CPN, whose also my Care Co-ordinator comes every 4 weeks at home. I was missing injections, cos i was too paranoid to leave the house, so he sorted me on his roster.

Damn sight easier for me.


Someone from my mental health team comes and gives me my injection every three months

my gp doc comes to give me my depot every 2 weeks.

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How are you doing @lekkerhondje ? Still making music and going for walks?

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hey jonathan =)

i been doing pretty good. Making music every day and i go for a walk with my dad every week and one time a month mobile team girl comes to take me out for a walk too. Tomorrow mobile team girl is coming over to take me out for a walk.

how have you been doing? You still gonna start the job next month?

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I’m alright. I went for a 2.5 hour walk yesterday.

I cancelled me starting in September. I decided to volunteer again or study. I have an appointment tomorrow with my IPS coach (gtb). Hope it goes well.

Thanks for asking how I’m doing and if you ever decide to make relaxing electronic music I’ll be happy to listen to it!

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