Does your chances of going off medication successfully increase if you've been on them for a long time?

Does the medications heal sz over time, or will your symptoms come back with the same strength?

I’ve heard the complete opposite


I don’t think they heal you over time. What they do do IMO, is give you time to get your mind right. Which may enable you to test to see if you can get off antipsychotics once stable for a long period of time. This test fails for most people that have had multiple psychosis.

Antipsychotics dont cure you , though. I reduced meds and after a little over a year went psychotic again for several months. It was not pleasant to have to find my way back to reality. I had been stable on meds for years.


The complete holistic lifestyle approach within the first year I’ve heard does help

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Mine came back stronger it feels like to me.


90% of patients will have return of symptoms after stopping meds, eventually. The meds stop symptoms, do not cure.


if you are on high dose an then you go to zero dose, psychosis will be stronger since your receptors got used to dopaminergic blockade. When this blockade is lifted, your receptors become supersensitive to dopamine which is in your brain. That happened to me once when i stopped medium dose amisulprid and went totaly insane


this is an interesting questions for me. since i started APs in 1998. and i wonder did they make me better, or worse and what comes from damage they might do and what comes from damage schizophrenia might have done. and what comes from maturity, and what comes from just learning how to cope over the years.
i cant tell what comes from what. in some ways after 26 years i am better and in some ways much worse.

coping skills and knowledge - way better
paranoia - worse
hallucinations - a little worse
“delusions” - worse than beginning but not as bad as some periods in my past
memory - way worse
intelegence - worse
communication, social skills, talking - way worse
motivaton, apathy - way worse
my ability to stay out of trouble - way better, prob from experience and coping skills

and nope i am not better without medications after all these years then i was in the beginning. they didnt heal me

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Oh relevant I really Care for you in the midst of your fight against this horrible condition and I almost feel the urge to hug you and in the same breath I want to thank you for sharing your experience of this terrible condition so thanks and hugs to you.

So I learnt from you that going below the 600 mg Seroquel could worsen my positive (that are almost absent) and mig negative symptoms that are more visible.

I know that my large doses of Clopixol and Qutiapine can cause me to get Tardive dyskinesia but I must stay on them despite the dangers.

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Not necessarily.

Survivership bias but the longer you’ve been on them the less likely you are to come off them because your schizophrenia is wrose. The first couple of years especially what you do immediately post psychotic break, it is the critical period to prevent multiple episodes. If you still have symptoms later you haven’t recovered from a chronic state.

Most respondents (70%) had tried to stop taking the drugs.

I think the numbers could be higher given the people who have first episode psychosis shake it off and don’t become part of the survey demographics.

Medication probably helps people recover who would never have recovered without it. However taking it after the first couple of years probably isn’t going to help that much if you were actually going to recover anyway.

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