Does Your Bed Shake Too?

My bed shakes on its own, but it feels like someone is grabbing the bed and pushing it up and down. Does this happen to anyone else? Just had a terrible nightmare that my bed was eating me and when I woke up the bed was shaking really bad. I used to think there was a demonic portal underneath the bed that allowed demons to enter our dimension.


I will refrain from making any innuendos or jokes… must resist… must respect the severity of the thread topic… must resist…

there was one time when my bed shook. it was during an earthquake. it was on the news. think it was the first earthquake ever in my area.

wait, maybe it wasn’t an earthquake. I think it was an aftershock quake or something. I don’t know the specifics. but all I know is that it freaked both me and my little brother out a lot.

I think this was it:

You’re awful lol

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U are getting delusional bro…!!! Adjust ur med asap…!!!

No my bed always shakes. Not every day but at least a few times a week, for hours at a time. It’s not new.

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but my negative and cognitive symptoms are severe…!!!

My bed makes Linda Blair’s bed look like a calm surface of a pond when there’s no breeze blowing.


But why does the bed shake? I haven’t been able to find out why my bed does that. Like I said I used to think there was a demonic portal underneath the bed but I found out the portal is really in my closet.

Maybe the legs or the wheels are uneven so that when you move it rocks the whole bed. Or maybe the frame is warped or the slats are broken so if you roll over it shakes.

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No it does it when I’m perfectly still!

Well since magic isn’t real, then there has to be a logical reason as to why its shaking. Maybe it is actually you who is shaking and not the bed.


But why would I be shaking?

Who knows? You’re cold, hot, or restless? Maybe you’re not aware that you’re shaking.


It just moves and shakes so rapidly though, I’d have to be having a seizure to do that kind of shaking. And if I were having a seizure I wouldn’t be conscious and able to move! UGGGGGGGGGGG It’s so frustrating. It really creeps me out and makes me scared sometimes to sleep in my own bed.


Could this be a tactile hallucination? That what I think it is.

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Man u sure are hallucinating !!!

Does it always do this? Or just tonight? I don’t know much about tactile hallucinations since I’ve never had them.

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No not always, just some nights. Sometimes during the day too. I originally thought it was shaking because there was a train going by (we live right by train tracks) but that’s not what’s happening because it will happen for hours and hours when there aren’t any trains. And then some days it just doesn’t do it at all. I’ve noticed it tends to do it more just before I start to have a lot of visual hallucinations and just before a bad episode.

I don’t know what to say. Either there’s a logical explanation or you are imagining it. I don’t which one it is. Maybe someone’s doing something to play a joke on you?

No… My parents wouldn’t do that :frowning: