Does Vraylar occupy the d2 receptors less then Abilify?

Does anyone know? I am curious I tried to google but couldn’t find anything.

I know that cariprazine - Vraylar is big on targeting D3 receptors as a partial dopamine agonist.

It also occupies D2 receptors but has more antagonist action than Abilify.

Reports indicate that dose for dose Abilify probably occupies D2 receptors more than Vraylar. But how much each occupy D2 receptors is also greatly affected by how much you take. Abilify says 25% low dose to 90% high dose. Vraylar says 5% low dose to 90% high dose.

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My doctor wants me to try Vraylar - I told her that I am interested in trying it, but would like some time to think about it - she agreed.