Does vaping cut down on your coughing

I have a smoker’s cough. Will vaping cut down on that?

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Probably not. And it depends on the nicotine strength too. You may huff and puff after a draw. If you buy those disposable e-cigs then you may be okay. If I vape a lot during the day sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning coughing my guts out.

Yes. I used to have a smokers cough and now I don’t cough while vaping.

That doesn’t sound right. What kind of vaping equipment do you have?

I use a sub ohm tank (0.5ohm) and vape 100% vg @ only 19 watts.

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I also use sub ohm coils with my pod system and run at 30 watts with salts.

Maybe I suck on the vape too much. I don’t wake up coughing all the time but it does happen here and there.

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I’m not sure you’re supposed to use salts with sub ohm. That’s a double whammy. Maybe that’s the reason?

The only time I cough is if my coils need to be replaced and I don’t replace them. I’m a cheapskate sucking on dry hits , then I pay the price.

But yeah, you should research your setup. You definitely shouldn’t be coughing.

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True. But if I was really smart I shouldn’t be vaping at all.


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