Does using laptops/cells and such have a bad effect on schizophrenics?

they say anti psychotics block dopamine. but they also say using laptops and such causes dopamine. so is there a uniquely adverse effect on schizophrenics if they use laptops and cellphones and such too much?

i know using laptops and such late at night is bad for my mania, given i’m schizoaffective. cause of the blue light and such. but this is unique to us schizoaffectives.

but i’m more interested interested in the dopamine question.

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It’s important to limit time on devices near bedtime. Practice good sleep hygiene. I don’t know of activating or blocking dopamine. a neuroscientist might

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Limit is good with everything.

I’ll rephrase that.

Concentration/focus causes a release of dopamine.

If you use Windows 10, you can go into settings and search for night mode, which will give you a subdued filter on the white screen that you can adjust.

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