Does tv not seem as entertaining to you after your schiz diagnoses?

same with me bigjon

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I could do without it. You never know when you are going to see something triggering. At least I know not to watch the news.


I can enjoy most tv shows and movies. But can’t stand reality shows. I don’t think my tv habits have really changed all that much since being diagnosed.

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I have a hard time concentrating and following along with tv. I process information really slowly.

Another thing is that I don’t really laugh at comedies anymore. Jokes don’t hit me like they used to. I see right through them. Kinda takes the joy out of watching tv.

You’re so right.

I find most tv shows boring. I only like to watch sports sometimes and some movies. I do find that since being diagnosed as schizoaffective I don’t enjoy watching tv as much a I used to before. sometimes I think theres special messgasses directed towards me its scary.

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